Morr-Fit Kids

Encouraging healthy habits from an early age is imperative to a child’s development. We focus on developing an active and healthy lifestyle that’s always fun and engaging, while at the same time informative. Morr-Fit uses exercises deigned to promote bone growth, yoga techniques to boost a child’s core stability, and others to increase cardiovascular health. Programs are also focused on improving a child’s essential motor skills. Sessions are filled with activities and games that are derived from trusted Physical Education teachers and Kinesiologists. Our kids do not know it as a session or class, only as fun and play.

  • Developing healthy lifestyles
  • Fun/Engaging physically active games
  • Focus on motor skills, bone development, and core stability


Health clients are prescribed a lower intensity program and sessions focus on boosting energy levels. Health clients are generally in an elderly category of life. Morr-Fit’s exercises are designed to take into account cardiovascular fitness and maintaining a carefully observed heart rate. These programs incorporate core strength, stability, balance, and mobility routines that promote a healthy lifestyle and improved overall well-being. Strength and resistance are essential to bone health and can greatly assist minimizing the effects of osteoporosis and arthritis.

  • Functional and Mobile
  • Maintaining muscular endurance/strength
  • Focus on blood circulation and flexibility


Fitness is the most abundant and prevalent division of Morr-Fit Personal Training. Slow and safe progressions in exercise difficulty are programmed, while pushing yourself to threshold can be expected. Elevating heart rate, moderate to heavy tension/resistance, and yoga-esque elongation movements can all be incorporated. Within the Fitness division, clients should be focused on altering body composition (lowering fat, gaining/maintaining muscle), shaping their body specifically, increasing muscular endurance and strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, and developing flexibility, mobility, and balance. Energy is high and tempo is moderate to intense.

  • Elevated Heart Rate
  • Increased muscular endurance/strength
  • Body Composition Alterations (drop fat, build muscle)


Performance clients can expect to be pushed as a professional athlete would. Pushing yourself to fatigue and failure is a common trend during these sessions. Whether it be sport specific training, speed/agility, power lifting, or bodybuilding, these programs are designed for you to compete and win. Intensity and demand is at the highest point and results can be expected to pour in fast. Programs are more intricate, customized, and specific. The intensity and tempo of these sessions is extremely high.

  • Multi-phase exercise programming
  • Training until threshold/failure
  • Increased muscular strength/endurance
  • Increased power, speed, and agility
  • Sports specific programs

Morr-Fit Medical

Morr-Fit Medical is a division that properly progresses post Physical Therapy and Cardiac Rehab patients out of treatment. Giving them guidance back into the fitness world slowly and safely with the help of their trusted Medical Doctor. Exercise programs are generated with the assistance of their specific MD and Morr-Fits employed MD. Building relationships with our clients Medical Doctors is a necessity. Whether it be any recovery period from various procedures, post PT, or post cardiac rehab, Morr-Fit stays well informed and assisted by the Medical Doctors. Safe and proper progressions into the general fitness population is the goal.


A custom nutrition plan is crucial to develop health and fitness levels. Dietary consultation is given to all Morr-Fit clients. Specific population, age, gender, height, current weight, physical activity levels, allergies, and food preference is all taken into account when developing your nutrition plan. Whether the goal is a general healthy diet change, sports performance, muscle building, weight loss, or a travel solution diet, Morr-Fit can deliver the plan you desire. Calories, macronutrient, and micronutrients figures are all calculated specifically to the individual.

  • Dietary analysis
  • Macronutrient percentage splits
  • Carb cycling programs
  • Food allergy solutions