What is Lux Coaching...

Morr-Fit Lux Coaching is the highest level of lifestyle coaching and physical training one can find. When looking at the word “Lux”, we must recognize it as lux, the measure of illumination, as well as luxury, an extravagant way of living. Lux coaches are far beyond the typical personal trainer or coach. It is the Lux Coaches duty to illuminate the clients life positively with an immense amount of positive light and human energy in a personalized way. Coaches will connect and illuminate the clients body, mind, and spirit during the course of 3-7 days, turning this into an amazing experience that breeds success and happiness. You will workout, eat, and regenerate along side your Lux Coach. You are accommodated with an accountability partner who has mastered the healthy lifestyle of Morr-Fit.

The Luxury of a Lux Coach is the 24/7 accountability over the duration and continuous habitual adaptation to a Morr-Fit Lifestyle. When we think Lux Coaching, we must also realize that the Coach puts in the same 5 star service and effort of the highest caliber imaginable. During the duration of a Lux Coaching package, the Morr-Fit Coach is fully focused and committed to the client, no one else. Meals, exercise routines, and regeneration treatments are all served and planned specifically to the clients desires. Through the course of Lux Coaching, clients will form habits and break into the lifestyle of exercise, diet, mind/spirit strengthening, and proper regeneration techniques needed to live a Morr-Fit Lifestyle. Coaches feed energy into the client, leaving them reinvigorated , positively in motion, activated, and with an effective perception on the essence of life.

  • Positive and personal illumination
  • 100% accountability
  • In-Person Coaching for meal prep, exercise routines, and regeneration treatments
  • Habitually practice the Morr-Fit Lifestyle with a Coach

Lifestyle Transformation and Retreats

Morr-Fit’s Lux Coaching offers full body and lifestyle transformations. It is the ultimate and complete detoxification, regeneration and activation for your mind, body, and spirit. During our Lux Coaching programs, you are connected to our coaches 24/7. You will be getting coached both in person and online, no matter how far you are.We guarantee you’ll see positive results as you reach your measurable goals by encouraging accountability and prescribing proven lifestyle habits to promote alterations.

Morr-Fit’s one-on-one coaching is customized around your daily responsibilities and we are committed to helping you adopt a balance of a healthier lifestyle. We find the way to balance your other commitments including work, school, business travel, and family. Programming is extensive for both exercise, diet, and regeneration.

  • Full exercise, diet, and regeneration programs
  • Complimented by FaceTime sessions
  • In-Person workshops
  • Travel Solutions (manage your lifestyle while traveling)


With our Retreat Packages (available as Personal or Non-personal) you’ll be accompanied by one of our Lux Coaches in a scenic destination of your choice that will be used for pre-planned, customized, and guided workouts and runs. These packages are designed to improve your mind, body, and spirit in settings that connect you with the relaxing and health boosting qualities of nature. They include spa privileges as well as many activities including yoga, golfing, mountain biking, and much more.

We also provide Corporate Lifestyle Solution Packages and Online Lux Coaching that include weekly one on one meetings via Skype.

For more information on our Lux Coaching services and benefits, contact Morr-Fit.