The Services

Increasing value and adding a necessary amenity to all residence, hotel, or corporate buildings is the root of the facility management service. Incorporating a professional presence, as well a positive and engaging energy to the community. Personal Training, facility consulting/development, group Classes, nutrition counseling, and full body stretching is at the core of Morr-Fit services. Morr-Fit also acts as a health and wellness concierge service, connecting and suggesting your company or community to outside opportunities to improve quality of life.

Layout & Design

We understand the importance of your wellness investment and we’ll guide you through each step in determining the best steps to create a fitness facility and corresponding programs that suit the unique needs of your residents or employees while keeping in mind your budget.

We take into account the needs of designing an effective fitness center, focusing attention on maximizing equipment space, safety, and functionality while keeping costs down. All equipment is personally selected with trusted and thoroughly reviewed providers and we will install everything for you to ensure that all equipment is properly installed for maximum safety and efficiency.

No need to worry about the launch date. Your facility will be running smoothly from its very first day of operation based on your determined budget and schedule thanks to a team ready to help you come up with policies, take care of administrative duties and assist with promoting your new facility.

Facility Promotion & Assessments

A fitness facility is only as good as the team behind it. Each of our Certified Personal Trainers are carefully evaluated and are selected based on your unique needs. We take the time to thoroughly evaluate your demographics so that fitness classes remain effective and produce consistent results. We can choose trainers for you and we can also schedule trainers based on pre-selected choices determined by your residents, members or guests.

A regular health screening and fitness assessments are one of the most effective ways to identify potential risks and promote the importance of preventing diseases. These assessments also give us the chance to gauge the total body, mind, and spirit health of your community. One on one assessments with your company/community also gives Morr-Fit the chance to survey the needs and wants of your community when it comes to the facility, as well as their desired choice of exercise/physical activity.

Some of the screenings provided include but are not limited to:

  • Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Screening
  • Analyzing Posture, Functional Movement, and Current Lifestyle
  • Morale and Energy levels
  • Body Composition
  • Nutrition Analysis



A Connecting Agent

The Morr-Fit philosophy is based off of energy that connects humans positively. The positive and social energy provided will form cohesion of your company or community. Through the ability to connect, we then in turn grow your fitness community. By driving up usage of the facility and increasing the quality of life in communities, we obtain the core value in which we seek. The Morr-Fit presence in a facility also extends the ability to gauge the communities satisfaction and morale towards their community or company as a whole.